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HM Fishing Report 5-17-24

Inshore Fishing Report Snook are seemingly all over the pass, but most active at night and through early morning. We are seeing the activity focus around the major and minor feeding times for the most part. Also, as we approach the full moon, typically the outgoing tide becomes a better and better option for the […]

HM Fishing Report 5-3-24

Inshore Fishing Report Snook are thick on the beaches once again, and we should only see more and more as we move into that summertime period. The new moon coming up should move plenty of fish around for sure. The passes are starting to really get filled with hungry fish and that trend should be […]

HM Fishing Report 4-28-24

Inshore Fishing Report The snook action is definitely aspiring to its summertime feel. We are seeing lots of fish on the beaches already with plenty in the passes too. However, still good numbers around the back bays in a variety of sizes. Seems the biggest fish have been seen in the deeper areas around the […]

HM Fishing Report 4-12-24

Inshore Fishing Report           Fishing inshore lately has been going well, but around the pass the focus is definitely snook at night and early morning then during the day focus shifts to the pompano, mackerel or sheepshead depending on where your fishing. We are seeing the snook definitely more active at […]

HM Fishing Report 4-5-24

Inshore FIshing Report          Snook action is the headline inshore right now with huge numbers of fish back inside the pass, but they are still far from their crazy concentration we see in the summer. We are already seeing them on the beaches too, which is great to see the spread already. […]

HM Fishing Report 3-29-24

Inshore Fishing Report Snook action is the cornerstone of our inshore report right now! They have moved back into our passes and onto the beaches HARD lately. Now we are a long way from the inundation of the snook like we see most of our summer, but we are definitely seeing good concentrations of fish […]

HM Fishing Report 3-23-24

Inshore Fishing Report The sheepshead bite has seemingly staying strong despite the warming trend we have seen. There are still plenty around the docks, piers, bridges and jetties. We are hoping to see that continue a bit longer as these winter time cold weather pattenrs try and persist into mid to late spring depending on […]

HM Fishing Report 3-15-24

Fishing Report Spring has sprung in many ways inshore! We are seeing snook in the passes, and even onto the beaches already. We are seeing the mangrove snapper trickle back to the docks and structures too. We have seen the tarpon start to show back up around area bridges and there is tons of bait […]

HM Fishing Report 3-8-24

Inshore Fishing Report Snook action is a big pinnacle of our inshore report this week with their return to the pass! We are seeing lots of them already around the pass in the early morning, but once sunrises they get a bit more difficult to get feeding in good numbers unless you hit that solunar. […]