Get A FREE Birthday Trip at Hubbard's Marina!


MUST PRESENT VALID IDENTIFICATION which will need to be photo copied and then stapled to receipt for bookkeeping.

-In order to receive your free birthday trip, you must be accompanied by a FULL PAYING ADULT FARE.

DISCOUNT IS VALID FOR ANY BOAT TRIPS – discount does not include rentals or private charters.

NO FREE SPECIALTY TRIPS (Specialty trips include: 5 Hour Shark, 12 Hour Night, 12 Hour Extreme,  39 Hour and 44 Hour Trips)
For specialty trips you’ll receive a $119 discount but you’ll still need one full paying adult fare to authorize discount.

DISCOUNT INCLUDES: 5 Hour Half Day, 10 Hour All Day, Dolphin Watching Cruise, Sunset Cruise and Egmont Key Ferry, shell key ferry and the 3hr shell key shelling tour

FREE Birthday Trip FAQ's

Q: Can I book my birthday discounted trip online?

A: No, you must call in order to book a special discounted birthday trip


Q: Do I really need an ID to claim my discounted birthday trip?

A: Yes, you must have a real photo ID, Passport, or some type of federally recognized ID clearly stating your birthday. Our staff cannot give discounts without proper back up. We must take photo copy of your ID and then put that in with our daily paperwork to prove why the discount was given.


Q: I already booked my trip, now I found the birthday discount. Can it be applied after I have already booked?

A: No, unfortunately the birthday discount must be applied while booking, once your reservation has been made the birthday discount cannot be applied


Q: My birthday is on a Saturday but I want to do the 10 hour all day on Sunday, can I use my discount on that trip?

A: No, you can only use the discount on your actual birthday so if your birthday falls on a Saturday your only options would be to use it on the 5 hour half day that day, the 39 hour trip (if we had one leaving Friday), the 12 hour night snapper (if we had one scheduled Friday night), or the dolphin tours, sunset cruise or Kayak or paddleboard rentals.


Q: My birthday I will be out of town or have plans, can I use it the following day or proceeding day?

A: No, it must be your actual birthday.

Q: What if the trip I want to do isn’t available on my birthday?

A: Unfortunately, you may want to try another trip and enjoy the discount or wait for next year when your birthday may fall on a day we offer the trip you want.


Q: I want to do a 39 hour trip and use the birthday trip, how does that work?

A: we will give you a FREE 5 hour half day or 10 hour all day on your actual birthday, but if you want to do a 12 hour night, 12 hour extreme, 39 hour or 44 hour on your birthday instead you would get the TRIP FARE of a 10 hour all day reduced from the TRIP FARE of your chosen trip. So for a 39 hour it would be $330 instead of $449 (minus $119) for the 10 hour all day trip fare.


Q: I don’t have anyone who can join me, can I still use the discount?

A: Unfortunately, you must have someone with you in your reservation who’s paying a full adult fare to receive the birthday discount.


Q: What if my birthday trip is canceled?

A: If we have to cancel the trip on your birthday due to weather, we will not offer a discount for another day. If we cancel due to mechanical issues, it will be up to management if they want to offer a future discounted trip.