HM Fishing Report 5-3-24

Inshore Fishing Report

Snook are thick on the beaches once again, and we should only see more and more as we move into that summertime period. The new moon coming up should move plenty of fish around for sure. The passes are starting to really get filled with hungry fish and that trend should be solid this coming week.

Trout action has been surprisingly good this past week with fish being caught all over the area at different times of day. Inside the pass though, the nighttime trout fishing around dock lights and bridge lights have been epic.

Mangrove snapper have loaded up around the areas structures and will only get more concentrated and aggressive as we move further into summer. They love small pieces of shrimp inshore or even cut threadfin.

Redfish have been active around the bay area, but around the pass we have only seen one or two around the docks. Typically, we see them on live shrimp on the bottom during the day when the snook bite dies off.

Tarpon fishing has been picking up around the area. We see them at night around the fenders but then as the sun comes up they disappear into the gulf typically moving up the beaches.

Shark fishing action is really heating up along the beaches and from the jetty. We are seeing quite a few caught from the bridge and jetty areas on large chunks of dead bait and bigger tackle.

Nearshore Fishing Report

Mackerel and kingfish dominating the near shore waters right now. They are crashing the bait schools along the beaches heavily from the bridge all the way out to around 10-14 miles. We are getting a ton while trolling the spoons behind planners, but we are seeing some big kingfish on the flat lines too.

Lane snapper action is going well for us on our ten hour all day trips. We are catching them on live shrimp, cut squid and even cut threadfin too. They will take just about anything and around 3-4ot hooks work well.

Mangrove snapper action is possible on the 5 hours, but most likely once on that 10 hour all day a bit further from shore. We are getting them mostly on live shrimp or the small chunks of threadfin on the double snell rigs.

Hogfish action is still possible and we are catching a few nice ones here and there. However, we are not seeing the big numbers or concentrations that we did while we were seeing cooler temps. The hogfish love the lighter tackle and the live shrimp.

Red grouper fishing is going well for us deeper near shore, typically closer to that 100ft mark. We are getting them on big dead baits or the big live baits too. They are a bit picky but were seeing better and better cooperation!

Offshore Fishing Report

Amberjack season is upon us! We have the jacks open for the next whole month long, and were excited to put a few stops into our trips to target them while they are open. They will also be open in September and October too! They love big live baits and we use the heaviest of tackle possible to wench them up from the bottom.

          Red grouper fishing is going well out there in the offshore waters, and were hoping for that trend to continue. We are getting them on the big live pinfish or pigfish and also big dead baits too. Great time to get out to the red grouper right now!

          Scamp grouper are possible when we are closer to that 120ft or more mark. Typically on the medium pinfish or cut threadfins we see some nice scamp. They love biting the mangrove snapper set ups typically as they can be a little leader shy.

          Mangrove snapper have been steady and were seeing a large variety of sizes. To target the bigger mangroves use the small to medium pinfish and lighter 40lb test leader to get the big dogs to bite.

          Pelagic action is HOT offshore right now with big numbers of tuna, a few wahoo and have spotted some sailfish. The kingfish are super prolific offshore too. It’s a great time to pull around some plugs and keep that flat line out soaking!