Near Shore & Offshore Tips

Top 3 Grouper Fishing Mistakes

How to Catch Red Snapper Like A Boss!

Mangrove Snapper Fishing Tips

How to Catch BIG Red Snapper Like a Pro

How to Catch Hogfish and What Rig to Use

How to Catch Hogfish Using Hook & Line

How to Catch Pinfish w/o Net or Trap

How to Brine Your Bait for Bottom Fishing

Guide to Offshore Bottom Fishing (Part 1)

Guide to Offshore Bottom Fishing (Part 2)

Underwater Mangrove Snapper Behavior

Rigging Tips

How to Tie A Double Snell

How to Tie The Unit Knot

How to Tie a Nail Knot

Top 3 Live Bait Rigging Mistakes
When fishing in heavy currents

How to Tie a Kingfish Stinger Rig
or Flatline for Kingfish

How To Rig A Double Snell
For Mangrove Snapper

Easiest Way to Tie The FG Knot
Strongest Line to Line Knot

#1 Mistake When Tying the FG Knot
Don’t make this mistake

How to tie the PR bobbin Knot

How To Spool A Spinning Reel with Braid

Loop Knot VS Split Rig  (pros & cons)

“Capt. Frank Special”  (Line to Line Knot)

General Tips

Favorite Rod and Reel Combos
For Bottom Fishing

How Weather Affects Fishing
Especially For Long Range Trips

How to Properly Vent A Fish for Release
Only Necessary Offshore In Deeper Water

Braided Line Techniques
For Deep Sea Fishing Offshore

Spinning VS Conventional Reels
Conventional Reels Better for Grouper a

How to Cook Your Catch
Hubbard’s Family Recipe 

Captain Dylan Hubbard’s Seafood Secrets!
Dylan revisits the family recipe, along with a few techniques for shellfish!

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Inshore Tips

How to Fish John’s Pass
We Also Rent Rods!

90/10 Fishing Zone
Get Consistent Strikes!  

Jetty Fishing Tips
How to Get More Strikes

How to Safely Hold a Catfish
How Not to Get Stung.. Seriously

Cleaning Tips

How to Fillet a Grouper
For Cheeks and Throat.