are you ready for your own private water adventure?

If you ask a local about Hubbard’s Marina, they will tell you all about the fishing we do… But, we do SO MUCH MORE than just fishing! After running our famous Guaranteed Dolphin Sightseeing tour for nearly 100 years, we quickly realized a need for private water experiences. So, here we are! Our boats our fueled and ready to take you and your group on an unforgettable adventure.

  • Dolphin/ nature cruises
  • Beach/island adventures
  • Sunset trips
  • Floating classroom and educational tours
  • Weddings and Wedding parties
  • Ash Scatterings
  • Family Reunions
Trip LengthPrice*
2 Hours$899*
3 Hours $1,099*
4 Hours $1,299*
5 Hours$1,499*
6 Hours$1,699*
7 Hours$1,899*
8 Hours$2,099*

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Why a private pleasure charter with hubbards?

Here at Hubbard’s Marina we believe in creating experiences that will last a lifetime. And we cannot think of a better way to experience the bay then on a private pleasure charter. Each charter is fully customized with you and our concierges team at the time of booking to ensure your day on the water is full of lifelong memories.

Sea adventure 1 at shell key (2)

A private charter can be customized to your liking. Think of it as a boat, and crew, ready to take you anywhere you would like, and do (almost) anything you desire!


All of our private charters include a fully licensed, and professional captain and first mate, allowing you to enjoy the water and not stress about navigating or caring for the boat!


All of our boats are USCG inspected vessels, we can ensure a safe experience for as little as 1, up to as many as 80 people (sea adventure only) on board one boat! All of our pleasure boats include bathrooms on board as well.


Our Boats