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12 Hour Extreme Aboard Flying HUB 2

Fishing 39 hour areas.
(Middle Grounds, Elbow and surrounding areas.)

Running Time:

Around 2 hours out and back– between 7-8 hours fishing time in the deep 39 hour areas.

Distance: Cruising out 70 to 100 miles from shore to fish deep water ledges, wrecks, and pot holes.

Depth: The average depth is over 120 feet.

Trophy sized gag grouper, Amberjack, red grouper, scamp grouper, mangrove snapper, yellowtail snapper, and vermillion snapper. Keep in mind there are seasons on some of these species so check out the [fishing regulations]( page to see what’s open.

Bait: Cut squid and threadfins are provided on board at no extra charge. Pinfish do work well but it’s simply and extra option. You don’t NEED it, but it does work well some days better than others. Live pinfish work well for the big red snapper and grouper. Live shrimp is NOT recommended for this trip

pinfish must be ordered 48 hours in advanced or more ($9 per dozen)

and a Communal live well available on board.

We recommend 1-2 doz pinfish per angler if you so choose

$320 + tax for trip
$15+tax for rod rental

12 Hour Trip Meal Package:$18.70 + $1.54 (tax) + $3.37 (18 % gratuity) = $23.61 each

Includes: 2 Sandwiches (breakfast & lunch), 2 bags of chips, 2 candy or granola bars, 4 sodas, and water .

Tackle: This is like a 39 hour overnight fishing trip because were fishing similar areas but it offers less fishing time so were focused on catching the big boys. You want to bring the big tackle like 6ot reel with 80lb test, 6-8oz leads and 7-8ot hooks. Also, a bigger 9ot reel with 100lb test and maybe even 125lb leader with 8oz lead and 10ot hooks would be great for the truly monster amberjack and big gags. We STRONGLY discourage spinning rods of any size as this is a deep water trip for monster fish. You can bring a spinning rod for pitch baiting or flat line fishing however, but keep in mind that less is more on this special trip.

How to tie a Double Snell Hook Rig – Click Here


One week (7 days prior) or more, no charge to cancel.

One week aka 7 days prior (or less): we will only assess a $75 fee per seat.

**No shows will be charged the full amount of reservation for each seat.**


Online Reservations

You may now book reservations for all of our famous trips through our state of the art Online Reservations system on our Web Site. We’ve made it quick, easy and secure to book your trip with us 24 hours a day!

Please note that online reservations are payable at the time of booking with a Visa or MasterCard, and are NON REFUNDABLE, unless we cancel due to weather, mechanical, or lack of minimal fare requirements.

Making a reservation includes the base price, 6% convenience fee and taxes.

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Spots are NOT assigned on this trip, you cannot pick a spot while booking or before booking. Spots are designated along the sides of the vessel the morning of the trip. Due to this unique one  of a kind boat no one fishes on or near the stern. Everyone fishes along the side of the boat, and on this trip like our others any spot is a good spot. As long as you have water under your feet your in a great fishing area!

Before you go fishing deeper than 70-90 foot of water you MUST know how to properly vent a fish you release!

here’s a great place to learn proper do’s and don’ts of venting a fish:

Packing Recommendations

You also don’t need change of clothes since it’s only a 12 hour trip, you can cut down your gear immensely and you really want to. This boat is roomy and 14 anglers isn’t cramped but if everyone brings a big bag or two and a big cooler there won’t be room to walk or fish. Personally I bring a backpack a small tackle box and a small cooler or just bring my food in a plastic bag to fit in the boat cooler or someone elses cooler to save room.

If you can consolidate your cooler with someone elses do it, that will save you lots of room through the day. No more than 3 rods per guest but 2 is really all you need. The boat has 32 rod holders that means if everyone brings two there’s extra rod holders. However, if everyone brings 3 then you will need to tie rods up to the stansions which isn’t an issue but becomes a tripping hazard and is cramped. On our shake down deep drop trip we took electric reels, snapper reels, grouper rigs, flat line tackle and even some trolling stuff and 14 guys there was plenty of room still but made it tough to move around and the benches were full. The less you bring the more room there will be and the lighter the boat will be meaning more speed more fishing time and easier day for everyone.

These trips are really doing very well on big gag grouper, red grouper, scamp grouper, mangrove snapper, vermillion snapper, yellowtail snapper, kingfish, tuna, and others even a sailfish or two have been caught on board!

Please note – children must be age 12 or over to take this trip.

FAQs– Things to Know Before You Go !
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