41 foot custom built Morgan Hull

The 41 foot HUB boat was custom built from the Hull up by Captain Mark Hubbard. It was originally built for offshore crabbing so Capt. Mark built the deck to withstand heavy loads of crab traps. This reinforced deck allows the HUB a very sturdy low center of gravity making this boat our most stable and large private charter boat that isn’t a large party boat.

The Hub has plenty of comfortable seating inside its covered cabin. The boat does not have a fully enclosed air conditioned cabin but was set up by Florida natives that know how to ensure a great cool breeze flows through the cabin unimpeded. This boat also has a head or bathroom below deck. Very comfortable platform for a day of fishing up to 20 miles from shore.

The back deck of the HUB also is covered allowing for fishing in the comfort of shade which is a welcomed relief in the hot Florida summers.

What Trips It Can Run

Family nearshore fishing

Bachelor or Bachelorette parties

Shark fishing

Near shore sport fishing/trolling

Corporate charters

Offshore signings

Ash Scatterings

Booze cruises

Trip LengthPrice*
3 Hour Ash Scattering/Memorial
[1-14passengers] 3 Miles Offshore
3 Hour ¼ Day
[1-6 passengers] Nearshore Fishing, Trolling, Sharking | up to 5 Miles Offshore

5 Hour Half Day

[1-6 passengers] 5-15 Miles Offshore

[7-14 passengers] 5-15 Miles Offshore$1026

6 Hour Half Day

[1-6 passengers] 5-15 Miles Offshore

[7-14 passengers] 5-15 Miles Offshore$1121

8 Hour All Day

[1-6 passengers] 15-20 Miles Offshore

[7-14 passengers] 15-20 Miles Offshore$1416

10 Hour All Day

[1-6 passengers] 20-30 Miles Offshore

[7-14 passengers] 20 Miles Offshore Max$1640

12 Hour All Day

[1-6 passengers] 30-40 Miles Offshore

[7-14 passengers] 20 Miles Offshore Max$1770

This boat can accommodate up to 1-6 OR 7-14 people for its trips

Price includes: Bottled Waters, Rods, Reels, Tackle, Cut Bait, and Fish Cleaning.

*Price shown includes 18% Gratuity for the Capt. and Crew to split.*

50% deposit required to lock in trip