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44 Hour Full Moon Fishing Trip

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You may now book reservations for all of our famous trips through our state of the art Online Reservation System on our Website.  We’ve made it quick, easy and secure to book your trip with us 24 hours a day!

Please note that online reservations are payable at the time of booking with a Visa or Mastercard, and are NON REFUNDABLE, unless we cancel due to weather, mechanical, or lack of minimal fare requirements.

Making a reservation includes the base price, 6% convenience fee and taxes.

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70-100 miles offshore, 2 day bag limit, big fish and plenty of snapper!

Average running time:
7-9 hrs runtime during which you can troll then offering 26 or more hours of bottom fishing time with two day bag limit.

39hr. vs. 44 hr. –the 44hr trip is only on full moons so it offers full night of fishing instead of partial like the 39 hour trip.

Trip Cost:
$499 +  tax per angler
$25+ tax rod rental

44 hr. Full Moon Trip Meal Package:
$49.50 + $8.91 gratuity + $4.09 tax = $62.50

Includes: 2 dinners, 4 sandwiches (breakfast & lunch), 4 bags of chips, 4 candy or granola bars, 8 sodas, unlimited water with $2.25 Happy Hour Beer prices with the package

Times for meals: Lite dinner at 5pm, lite sandwich at 12am, breakfast at 6am, and dinner at 6pm


Cut bait (sardines & squid ) provided on board.

Live Pinfish may be purchased with 48 hours in advance from your trip. 3-4 dz recommended.
Private live bait wells included free in your ticket price and they are able to hold up to 4 dozen live bait.

Live Shrimp: May be purchased the day of your trip for $4 per dozen. Works well for mangroves, yellowtail, scamp and hogfish.  Recommended 2-6 dozen for the most advanced anglers only because shrimp is easily stolen off your hooks.

Recommended tackle (3-4 rods):
For smaller snapper like mangrove snapper, vermillion, yellowtail and porgies, you want a 4ot reel with a super high gear ratio. You want 40lb mainline with a 4oz led and a 40lb fluorocarbon leader with double snelled 3-5ot hooks. Baits: small chunks if squid for grey snapper, vermillion, porgies… For mangroves or red snapper use cut sardines

For average sized grouper and large snapper: you want 6ot reel with a medium gear ratio with 60lb mainline a 6oz led and a 60-80lb leader with a single 6-8ot hook!
Bait: you want a live bait, squid strips or doubled sardines

For the monster fish like big amberjack or monster grouper: you want a 9ot reel with a super low gear ratio, 80-100lb mainline and a 8-10oz led with 100-125lb test and a 10-14ot circle hook

you want a large live bait

Trolling gear if you have it, for info see the FAQ’s page

For more information on tackle and a list of what to bring with you check our –  Frequently Asked Questions – “Things to Know Before You Go !”

How to tie a Double Snell Hook Rig – Click Here

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Learn more –>
 Frequently Asked Questions
Things to Know Before You Go !
 Fishing Trip Chart
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The Florida Fisherman Layout

FLF aka Florida fisherman Layout

Before you go fishing deeper than 70-90 foot of water you MUST know how to properly vent a fish you release!

here’s a great place to learn proper do’s and don’ts of venting a fish:

What NOT to bring on the Boat!

  1.  Glass – unsafe on boats
  2. Alcohol -Due to Florida law they will not allow alcohol on board boats with alcohol licenses ( Florida Fisherman, Friendly Fisherman, Sea Adventure 1) because our license lets us sell it and the tax man wants his cut.  However, on our private charter boats like the HUB, Mrs. HUB and Flying HUB 2 DO NOT have alcohol licenses, you can bring beer or wine (no liquor and no glass) on these boats. (12 hour EXTREME aboard Flying HUB 2 – you CAN BRING YOUR OWN BEER)
  3. Firearms – no matter your permit you can’t bring firearms due to USCG law (just like on a plane)
  4. Illegal drugs – if it’s illegal on the dock leave it on the dock, or else we will have to call the USCG and have cops waiting on dock… please don’t put us in this position
  5. Bananas- They are bad luck on a fishing boat
  6. on 10,12,39,44 and 63 hours we do NOT allow ELECTRONICS – excludes basic digital camera BUT IT DOES INCLUDE: no cell phones, computers, ipad, kindles, ipods, or anything else that receives GPS signals – phones don’t send or receive txts or make calls once you’re offshore so you can only use it as a camera this is why we allow you to bring those cameras. However, dishonest people can use their phones to steal spots because you don’t need a cell signal to do this only satellite signal which is never lost offshore.
  7. No coolers larger than 48 quarts.
  8.  NO PERSONAL LIVEWELLS – you are more than welcome to bring your own bait and load it into the livewells onboard our boat.
  9. Please remember the following guidelines & policies are strictly enforced. Thank you for your cooperation.
    • NO back-less Sandals or Flip-Flop shoes, are recommended on any boat, wear at your own risk!
    • NO foul language or disruptive behavior on board.
    • NO children 12 and under on specialty trips unless signed off by management.
    • Children under 12 on other trips must be accompanied by adult.
    • NO Rod/ Reel rentals for children under 6. OK to share adults.
    • NO equipment, gear, or coolers on Dock area until Dockmaster announces to do so.

    All trips subject to availability. Minimum # of fares required on all trips.