A great option for those anglers who want more time fishing!

Ready for some offshore fishing fun out of Madeira beach, Florida with us at Hubbard’s Marina? Our Ten hour all day is a great option for those anglers who want more than a half day but who aren’t ready to commit to a long range specialty trip. This trip is around 6-7 hours fishing time 15-25 miles from shore.

This ten hour all day party boat offshore fishing trip out of Johns Pass Madeira beach in central west Florida is a great option for any sized group. You can come by yourself, with the family, with a few friends or bring the whole office since the boat can accommodate just a few or as many as sixty people. However, we limit the amount of people who can go on these trips since we don’t ever want to over fill or pack a trip and hinder someone’s experience. The boat you go out on for this ten hour all day deep sea fishing trip is the Friendly fisherman, this boat is licensed for 110 passengers and has approximately 80 rod holders on board but we only allow up to 60 anglers to join us for these ten hour all day offshore fishing adventures to keep the quality of the trip high and ensure a wonderful experience for all those on board. Most days throughout most of the year were only about forty to fifty percent filled, but if you are joining us during spring break, a holiday season, or peak season in the summer then our trips become more and more filled. However, Tuesday and Thursday trips are always less full than the more popular Sunday 10 hour all day deep sea fishing trips. Due to this, we always like to recommend the Tuesday or Thursday options to guests looking for a trip with a lighter load or you can always opt to book your very own private charter then that would guarantee it’s only you and your group on a private boat with a private captain and crew who are there waiting on you and helping you out one on one. However, aboard this ten hour all day party boat trip again we never over load the boat and our two crew and captain work very hard to ensure every guest on board gets plenty of assistance and guidance and they walk the deck the entire trip to ensure everyone has the help they need to be successful and have an enjoyable experience while on the water with us at Hubbard’s Marina.

Please Note:

  • We HIGHLY recommend that you reserve your tickets in advance.
  • Plan to arrive 45 – 60 minutes in advance for check-in and boarding.
  • This trip depart from the dock at John’s Pass in Madeira Beach FL. (click here for directions)
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    Duration: 10 Hours Total | 6-7 Hours Fishing | 1.5 – 2 Hours Out & Back
  • Departure Time: 7:00 AM Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays ONLY
  • Distance: 15-25 Miles Offshore
  • Depth: 60-100 feet
  • Capacity: 60 Passengers ~ Groups larger than 4 require 1 form of payment. NO SPLIT PAYMENTS
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    Catch : Grey Snapper, Porgies, Black Seabass, Hogfish, Red Grouper, Gag Grouper, Scamp Grouper, Mangrove Snapper **Mahi, Mackerel & Kingfish**
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    Rod Rentals: $19.95 per person and include Hook, Line and Sinkers. If lost a fee of $200 will incur.If bringing own gear please check below for recommended tackle
Cancellation Policy: 48 hours notice or more required. No Call / No Shows – 100% of trip fare. Cancellations within 48-hours – 50% of trip fare.

Age 65+


Ages 12 -64:


Ages 3-11:

Ages 2 & Under

No Charge

For all your tackle needs, visit our online store. All orders can be set for pick up on the day of your trip, or shipping available on select products.

You have endless options here, but if you’re a first time angler or a beginning angler the rod rental we provide works well. If you are a more advanced angler you may want to bring your own tackle (but keep in mind this is our shortest trip with a chance for keeper grouper so don’t go overboard with tackle).

We do offer a rod rental option, if you rent our rod and reel we provide all your tackle. On our 10 hour all day fishing trips the rod rental option is only $15 and that includes all your tackle for the rod and reel for the entire trip. Our rod and reel rental option works fine for the trip, but it’s not specialized gear. Our tackle is meant to last the abuse of daily use and do a little of everything. We will rent you a 4ot conventional reel with a 15-30lb conventional rod that is customized for Hubbard’s Marina. We are sponsored by Bass pro shops and our rental rods and reels are all Bass Pro shops gear that we replace regularly and maintain regularly as well. If you ever have an issue, let our crew know and they will address it on the spot. The tackle we provide as part of the rod rental price is 60lb mainline, 40lb leader, 3-4oz lead and 4ot circle hook with a 3-4ft leader. Egg sinker on the mainline, swivel, then leader, then hook. Plus, while fishing for grouper we also have 60lb leader with a 7ot hook too. The crew will rig you up per the captain’s discretion unless you otherwise request. For example, if you have young children or first timers you may want to request the lighter 40lb leader and 4ot hook so you can use a cube of squid on there and they will have tons of action and catch tons of the smaller great eating fish with ease.

However, you do NOT need to rent a rod and reel from us! If you do NOT rent a rod and reel, that is fine, but you must bring your own rod and reel and supply all your own tackle while on the trip. You could bring a 4ot reel and a 15-30lb class conventional rod like we described above with the tackle we described above, or you can bring more specialized tackle too. When Capt Dylan Hubbard goes out fishing on a 10 hour all day he will bring a 4000-5000 series spinning reel with 20-30lb mainline and 30lb floro leader with 4ot hooks and 1oz to 2oz weights with a 4-5ft leader and also a high gear ratio or even two speed 4ot sized reel with 40-50lb mainline and 40lb floro leader and 4ot hooks with 3oz to 4oz weights. The larger reel with heavier weight is the best when the bite is HOT so we can get down fast, hook em’ fast and get em up fast to fill a stringer fast while the lighter spinning rod is more fun, provides more sensitivity and more of a challenge. Plus, the spinning rod with lighter tackle is best for hogfish. To learn more about how to catch hogfish, check out the Fishing tips page for tons of tips and tricks to help you increase your chances at catching some hogfish while out fishing with us. Also, on the larger two speed reel he can put a larger 60lb leader and 7ot hook on there to target the red or gag grouper with the rod in low gear. If you don’t have a two speed reel you may want to bring the spinning rod set up, high gear ratio ( 4:1 – 7:1) 4ot size set up described above then also a 4-6ot reel with 60lb test for the bigger grouper rig with a medium to low gear ratio (2:1 – 4:1).

Fishing tips page for tons of tricks and tips to make you more successful near shore and offshore fishing – https://www.hubbardsmarina.com/fishing-tips/

We primarily catch the Grey snapper, Porgies and Seabass which are smaller but great eating fish as this is our shortest trip with a chance to catch keeper grouper and were still not getting out to that deep blue water area where we see large fish more commonly like you would on a long range specialty trip or a customized private charter. However, this trip provides a great opportunity for some great eating grouper, hogfish and pretty much guarantees some awesome action on the smaller but great eating fish. Check out the bait section below on how you can change your bait to give you better chances at action or better chances at larger fish.

More experienced anglers have a better shot at the keeper sized grouper and great eating hogfish along with catching a pile of smaller fish too, but even the most inexperienced first time anglers have a great shot at a few or more of the great eating fun to catch smaller fish listed above like the grey snapper or key west grunts, porgies and seabass and have a chance at some of the larger unique fish like the keeper grouper or hogfish. Typical angler on a typical day could expect right around a dozen or more smaller but great eating fish in the 1-3lb range with more fish caught and released that weren’t as good eating or weren’t large enough or perhaps were out of season. Some days are better than others and some days are slower than others but we work really hard to be transparent, open and honest and communicate with you before you leave, while on board and on the way back to explain what you can do to maximize your success while on the water with us during your 10 hour all day fishing trip.

Dead bait is provided on board which consists of Cut Squid and Threadfins, this is included in your ticket price of the fishing trip. We pass this out on the way offshore and there’s plenty on board so if you run out we’d bring you more at no extra charge.

Before leaving, there are some live bait options. The pinfish is an extra live bait option you can pre order 48-72 hours ahead of your trip. If you order it, we will have it for you the day of your trip 99% of the time for you to purchase. If you don’t pre order pinfish we may or may not have extras for you to purchase before your trip. If you book last minute before the trip within 48-72 hours prior to the trip, we could have already made the pinfish order and you may not be able to pre-order the pinfish but you can always buy extras the morning of your trip if there are leftover pinfish once the pre ordered bait is sold and picked up. The pinfish must be picked up after check in at the live bait area and loaded on the boat by someone in your party so you are familiar with the bait wells and where yours is located. The live shrimp can be purchased before leaving on the trip the morning of (no need to pre order) and you pick these up on the way to the boat at the last minute during the boarding process 5-10 min prior to your trip, or you can purchase them at the time of reservation and again pick them up on the way to the boat during boarding. Once on board, the only bait option is the included dead bait which is the cut squid or threadfins so make sure to purchase live bait before leaving if you’d like it and don’t forget to pick it up on the way to the boat if you purchase it, there’s no live bait shops once offshore!

Pinfish Shrimp are a great extra option, however, it is not needed. The dead bait we provide, the cut squid and threadfins, work very well that’s why we provide these options. Also the squid is very forgiving it’s hard for the fish to pull off the hook while the shrimp tend to get mushy and fall off the hook at the first nibble. The threadfins are still tougher than the shrimp for the fish to steal off the hook but they are a little more challenging to use for bait than the tough, forgiving and easy to use cut squid. The extra live bait options do give you the chances at a wider variety of species able to be caught though. For example, the cut squid we provide works well for the grey snapper or key west grunts we primarily catch, and the strips of squid give you a shot at some grouper but the shrimp will give you a chance at the hogfish, lanes or mangroves that won’t bite the squid as quickly or at all. The pinfish extra live bait option gives you a great shot at the larger keeper grouper. However, the fish we catch the most often on this ten hour trip, the grey snapper or key west grunts, they love the squid and the cut squid still works for red grouper. The threadfins we provide give you a shot at mangroves or gags as well too. The live bait is simply an extra option that gives you a wider variety of bait options once offshore fishing.

Shrimp are $4 per dozen or you can get 2 dozen in a souvenir bait bucket for $10 or 5 dozen in a souvenir bait bucket for $20. Remember, you must purchase and pick these up before boarding the boat. Once on board, the shrimp bucket would go in the live well on the ride out (remember your bucket number and what live well it’s in) then you’d retrieve the bucket when you’re ready to use them for bait and return the bucket occasionally to get them fresh water to keep them alive. DO NOT EMPTY THE BUCKET OF SHRIMP INTO THE LIVE WELL, doing so will cause you to lose all your shrimp. Just place the entire bucket of shrimp into the well, and if you get pinfish the shrimp bucket can just go on top of the pinfish. The Fiddler Crabs come without water, they do not need anything you can keep their bucket at your feet under the bench for the entire trip and they are happy. You are more than welcome to take home your bait bucket after the trip or leave it behind on board, up to you!
The pinfish are $11 per dozen and you pick these up after check-in before the pre boarding seminar. You use the white receipt you get at check in to bring that to the live bait counter and the bait guy will give you a bucket of live bait to take immediately to the boat to drop in your assigned well. Once you put it in the well, return the bucket back to the bait guy and return to the waiting area to attend the pre boarding seminar. This is why it’s important to show up an hour early for this trip. You must park, check in and get your pinfish all before the pre boarding seminar 30 min prior to departure.

Cut Squid (provided) – cubes or small strips work well for the grey snapper, porgies, seabass, lanes and other smaller fish and the large cut squid strips work well for a shot at some keeper sized red grouper

Cut Threadfins (provided) – Whole threadfins with the tail pinched or cut off work well for a shot at a keeper grouper, or you can cut the tail and cut the head off the threadfin and trim the belly to use the ‘plugged’ threadfin on a double snell rig for snapper like the mangroves or lanes (to learn how to tie a double snell rig, check this video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FiaOiD1Bcvs)

Live Pinfish (extra option) – $11 per dozen – this is a great option for the bigger fish like the keeper grouper or possibly other fish. This will include a mix of pinfish, pigfish and sand perch. We would recommend around 1-2 dozen max per guest. You can always order them and the morning of talk with the crew or captains and if the grouper aren’t biting you can cancel your order and decide not to get them. However, if you don’t order them we will not always have extra if you didn’t order them 48-72 hours prior to the trip. These must be ordered 2-3 days prior in order for our bait team to go catch these baits for your trip, we will not always get extra bait.

Live shrimp (extra option) – $4 per dozen or 2dz in a bait bucket for $10 or 5dz in a bait bucket for $20 – This is a great extra option for the hogfish, lane snapper, mangrove snapper and others. Nearly everything in the area will bite a live shrimp. However, they are very difficult bait to use as any little nibble will pull this bait off your hook with ease and you may not feel that bite so often you can go through these fast. If you just want an extra option of shrimp 2dz is fine per person if you want to fish them a lot, 5 dozen maybe best per person.

-You MUST keep your thumb on the spool when letting your line down to the bottom with a conventional reel

– We are bottom fishing, these fish live on the bottom, eat on the bottom and feed on the bottom so you must keep your lead on the bottom to catch fish

– The best way to catch tons of fish is to hold bottom naturally, meaning learning to keep the line tight enough to feel the lead but not tight enough to disturb the lead on the bottom. This allows the most possible sensitivity and ensures your lead isn’t moving around on the bottom causing puffs of sand and an unnatural presentation

– hook your bait so the barb of the hook is exposed, meaning make sure the hook goes all the way through the bait

– Ask questions! The crew and captains are there to help and make your trip safe, fun and memorable to use their expertise to your benefit

– Use the double snell rig when using dead bait and to learn how to tie a double snell rig, check this video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FiaOiD1Bcvs

– bring a spinning rod and reel if you got one for the smaller snapper species and hogfish (see tackle area for more info)

– Check out the fishing tips page for TONS of info and tips and tricks – http://kkr.ef2.myftpupload.com/fishing-tips/

**the crew will offer a fishing seminar on the ride out to go over lots of these tips and tricks and tell you more about the trip and what to do to ensure your catch the most possible fish. Plus, the captain and the crew will be doing laps throughout the trip to help you to catch the most possible fish while having a great and safe time doing it!

You have THREE options here, you can bring your own food and drink on board, you could buy food and drinks a la carte in the galley for cash only, or you can purchase a meal package.

$24.95 – includes 2 hot cooked to order sandwiches, 2 chips, 4 sodas, 2 candy or granola bar + unlimited free water & coffee + happy hr beer pricing

Galley will have breakfast sandwiches, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chips, candy bars, granola bars, snack crackers, water, soda, beer, coffee and more available in the meal package or for cash only during the trip. We will have a helpful galley chef on board to assist you with whatever you may want to purchase, eat or order as a part of your meal package during the trip.

No firearms, illegal drugs, glass, bananas, gps devices, cellphones, smart watches, or alcohol on our 10 hour half day trips. The Boat is us coast guard inspected that means we cannot allow any firearms brought on board. Also, it’s a federally permitted vessel so anything that’s considered to be a federally illegal substance cannot be allowed on board. Also, the boat is an aluminum boat so that means no glass since a metal moving boat and glass does not mix. Bananas are bad luck on a fishing boat period, and are in no way acceptable to be brought on board. We can not unfortunately allow alcohol to be brought on board due to our alcohol license. Just like you can’t bring a beer into a bar in Florida we cannot allow any alcohol on board the 10 hour half day half night boat due to the alcohol license on board. This is not our rule, it’s an ATF rule wherever there’s an alcohol license no carry on alcohol is allowed again.

We do not have a Reel Spooling Machine here at Hubbard’s Marina, but they do have one at Gator Jim’s Tackle Shop! Stop by today and let em know Hubbard’s Sent you!

We strongly recommend you check out our FAQs page if you have any further questions or want to be fully prepared for your fishing adventure with us at Hubbard’s Marina: http://kkr.ef2.myftpupload.com/faqs/

Want a more private experience? We also offer customizable private charter experiences on our large fleet of custom built private charter boats at Hubbard’s Marina, plus we can accommodate ANY sized group! So if you’d like to avoid fishing with other groups, check out our private charter options here – http://kkr.ef2.myftpupload.com/private-charters

We have all the marine weather links on our website for you, so you can check the weather before your trip right here on our site – http://kkr.ef2.myftpupload.com/weather-links-gulf-beaches/

Also, the weather has a strong impact on our fishing trips here’s a helpful video to explain how weather affects our fishing trips – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkO2X7rpBVM

Have a large group? Private charters are a great option for large parties, but if you want to stay on the party boat options we do offer group rates for parties of 10 adults or more or 20 adults or more. Here’s more information on our group rates, or you can call our group bookings and private charter specialists at (727)393-1947 ext 410 or visit this link – http://kkr.ef2.myftpupload.com/group-rates/

Fishing tips page for tons of tricks and tips to make you more successful near shore and offshore fishing – http://kkr.ef2.myftpupload.com/fishing-tips/

Check out our YouTube channel for more helpful tips and tricks, and how to videos – http://Youtube.com/TheHubbardsMarina/videos

Check us out on Facebook to see photos and videos of all our trips and options and don’t forget to check in when you arrive for your adventure – http://Facebook.com/HubbardsMarina

Check us out on Instagram to see plenty of photos and videos of all our trips and options and don’t forget to use hashtag HubbardsMarina for your photos during your visit! Find us: @HubbardsMarina and don’t forget #HubbardsMarina – http://Instagram.com/HubbardsMarina

Ready for some offshore fishing fun out of Madeira beach, Florida with us at Hubbard’s Marina? Our Ten hour all day is a great option for those anglers who want more than a half day but who aren’t ready to commit to a long range specialty trip. This trip is our first trip with a chance for grouper, meaning it’s the shortest trip closest to shore that offers an opportunity to catch keeper sized grouper. Plus, it offers around 6-7 hours fishing time 15-25 miles from shore compared to the approximately 3 hours fishing time 9-12 miles from shore we offer aboard our 5 hour half day fishing trip so it’s like the half day but we go twice as far for twice as long and it starts to give you a shot at some keeper sized grouper. Plus, with the longer fishing time allows us a better chance to get you dialed in at catching some nice hogfish, maybe some mangroves and a bunch of the grey snapper or key west grunts, porgies, seabass and more!

The ten hour all day deep sea party boat fishing trip at Hubbard’s Marina inside Johns Pass is offered Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays from 7am-5pm you must arrive one hour prior to departure to check in, get parked and pick up any live pinfish prior to the pre-boarding seminar we do for all the guests 30 minutes prior to departure. Following the pre boarding seminar we will start loading the boat around 5-10 minutes till 7am. You have assigned spots that you pick when you reserve your trip so there’s no rush to the boat since you will get the spot you have picked at reservation no matter if you get on the boat very first or very last.

We provide cut squid and threadfins for dead bait on board included in your ticket price, but there’s also plenty of live bait options too for this deep sea fishing adventure too. We offer live shrimp, live fiddler crabs and live pinfish before you leave the dock. Pinfish require you to pre-order than 48 hours in advanced or more so we can acquire them for you, but sometimes we do have extras even if you forget to order them or if you decide to book last minute or walk up without a reservation. We also have tons of shrimp and fiddler crabs available each morning barring some unforeseen circumstance. The pinfish give you a shot at the grouper, the shrimp work well for a variety of the snapper species and hogfish and many more species of fish too, and the fiddlers work well for hogfish, porgies and seabass too. This trip is great for anglers who have been offshore before but who aren’t seasoned experts ready for the specialty long range trips, basically a more intermediate offshore or deep sea fishing adventure. Even if you are an experienced angler, this is a great option if you don’t have the budget for a specialty trip or the time for a long range adventure with us offshore. Keep in mind, on our private charters you can go further faster and you have less people fishing and more one on one help if you’d like to look into a more private experience for an all-day offshore adventure with us.

As mentioned above, we do have a pre boarding seminar before your trip to tell you all about the boarding process, more about the trip, how the live bait works, explain all your options and more! This pre boarding seminar will occur around 30 minutes prior to your trip’s departure time. During this seminar we cover the details of the US coast guard mandatory bag check process we have to do before each trip on our federally permitted US coast guard inspected vessels and our other company policies we have, as laid out on the FAQs page. After the details of your trip and policies and such are covered we also go into all your extra options like the fishing towels, fishing gloves, live bait options, and more and detail why you may or may not need or want some of these extra options. All the extra options discussed are available right after the seminar, and we do recommend cash for the seminar extras and for anything you may want to purchase on board the boat while offshore.

The boat has a full galley where you have hot coffee, cold sodas, plenty of water, cold beer, and tons of hot food options. The galley on board is cash only, but we do have an ATM at the front of our office for your convenience. Also, we offer you the option to grab a meal plan with your reservation. If you get the meal plan you get lots of food and drink included, plus free water the entire trip and happy hour beer prices just check out the options and price on that below.

Please read below for more specifics on this half day fishing trip, and watch the 10 hour all day video to the side of this page to see what you can expect to catch!