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5 Hour Trophy Shark Trip

Our 5 hour trophy shark trip event is from 7 pm to 12 am

Now aboard our Private Charter boat “The Hub“.

Fare:  $169.00 (includes Rod and Reel), plus tax.

Average cruising time: One Hour Out / One Hour Back (approx) / Three Hours Fishing Time – may require more time for landing larger beasts.

Distance: Cruising out 10 to 16 miles

Depth: 25 to 60 feet

Catch: Biggest sharks we can and some Goliath grouper too!  Shark species we catch vary, sometimes tigers, hammerheads, bulls, spinners, blacktips, dusky and others too!

Bait: provided on board at no extra charge. Live bait not recommended for this trip.

What to bring: layered clothing/windbreaker,

NO TACKLE NEEDED because we supply heavy shark gear.  We supply the tackle and would like you guys not to worry about it because in order to catch the sharks and Goliath groupers the most efficient way possible we will chum heavily and have only a few big rods out, and when we say big we mean 9ot or better with 150lb test and 275-400lb cable leader.  Each group is assigned one of these big shark rods. When a shark hits your group’s rod the capt and crew will set the hook and pass it off to whoever the group wants to fight it first.  Often, the sharks are so big the entire group and maybe everyone on the boat has to help wrestle the shark to the boat in a team effort.

Sharks:   What can you keep to eat? Well most shark species are highly regulated so most of what we catch isn’t able to be kept.  Also the goliath grouper we catch aren’t even allowed to be taken out of the water.  Most of the time we take a bunch of photos and release what is caught.  If the shark is manageable we will bring it on board for photos before its release.  This is NOT the trip to bring home a ton of meat, this is more of a trophy hunt and at the end you release the trophy to fight another day.  There are some shark species that are legal to keep if they are the appropriate size but we don’t encourage the harvest of these apex predators.  We will discuss this further on board the boat as well.  However, as the paying guests, if you catch something legal and in season it’s ultimately your call if you’d like to keep it or not despite our desire to catch and release these apex predators.

Interested in privately chartering the whole boat for your group?
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Online Reservations

You may now book reservations for all of our famous trips through our state of the art Online Reservations system on our Web Site. We’ve made it quick, easy and secure to book your trip with us 24 hours a day!

Please note that online reservations are payable at the time of booking with a Visa or MasterCard, and are NON REFUNDABLE, unless we cancel due to weather, mechanical, or lack of minimal fare requirements.

Making a reservation includes the base price, 6% convenience fee and taxes.

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At Hubbard’s Marina we have three types of shark trips:

  1. Saturday night’s spring-fall we offer a 5 hour night trip that drifts for grey snapper similarly to our day time five hour half days. The night grey snapper bite isn’t quite as strong, but this trip offers those, mangroves, and perhaps a possibility for sharks ($55)
  2. Friday nights around the moon phases we have special trophy shark trips that only allow 8 anglers. These also run spring-fall. These trips are the highest quality public trip for sharks. We only bring out the big tackle and it’s a serious shark fishing experience. ($150 includes shark tackle)
  3. We have shark fishing private charters available all year round. This would enable you to go out on a trip like we explained in #2 but the difference would be you and your group are the only anglers on board while our captain and crew did everything in their power to get you hooked into a monster shark! (call for pricing)
5 hour trophy shark trip