Hubbard’s Marina Fishing Report 9/16/16


Inshore- Snook Season is in full swing and for a minute there is was like the snook found out! They stopped feeding early morning for us following Hermine but starting yesterday they are back it. Captain Frank and Smokey caught more than a dozen snook yesterday before the half day left the dock on the mid incoming tide. The trout bite is steady at night around the dock lights, and on the high outgoing tides around the grass flats inside Johns Pass. Red fish are biting well during the day inside the pass and around the bridge, especially the past week while the snook had lulled. The sheepshead are becoming more prolific as we start to come into the fall fishing time of year. The big drum are mixed in with the sheepshead more commonly spotted inside the passes and around the dock lines. The big drum love dead crabs, and the smellier the better is a great rule of thumb to use for these big bottom feeders.


Near shore- Behind hurricane Hermine the fishing close to shore out to around 15-18 miles got a little slow due to the large amounts of rainwater making the water dirty. However, as the water has cleared a great bite of fish has remained. The snapper and red grouper are doing very well around the 15 mile mark. The HUB on its 10 hour all day trips have really been loading their boxes with nice red grouper and the occasional big gag grouper too! Hogfish bite is steady but still a little picky compared to what we expect to come as the water cools nearshore!


Offshore- The Flying HUB 2 is running plenty of 10,12 and 15 hour trips out to the middle grounds and surrounding areas! This boat is allowing us to reach 150-300 foot in a matter of two hours! It has been nice seeing large catches of big red grouper, monster gags, scamp, mangroves, plus almaco and bar jack too! The first 12 hour was a little slow, but we have building steam since that first one and we have really dialed in on the fish. Mahi mahi, kingfish and tuna are being caught on the flat lines as well. Check out our latest videos on Facebook as we have been doing video updates after each long range trip returns:


Want to read the past reports? Check out this link:



Captain Jack’s dolphin corner


The baby dolphins inside Boca Ceiga bay are very playful and are being spotted often! Captain Mark and Dylan Hubbard were bringing the ferry boats over to the Madeira Beach City hall for our press release when a huge pod of dolphins showed up with some baby dolphins in tow.


Dog leg key seabird action is heavy right now, spotting many beautiful birds hanging around the rookery and teaching their juvenile birds how to hunt and socialize.


Manatee action is heavy around Egmont key right now, great opportunity to spot these beautiful marine mammals while cruising on the Tampa Bay ferry from Fort De Soto out to Egmont key!


We have a juvenile Bald eagle in the area, great to see this species is strong in our area and it’s such a cute young bird to spot cruising the back bay waters!


Nothing beats a relaxing cruise through the back protected bay waters, join Hubbard’s Marina today for a relaxing and fun dolphin watching nature cruise and eco tour inside Johns Pass Madeira beach. We guarantee dolphin sightings, plus you have a great opportunity to view million dollar homes, bird nesting island, and even a commercial fishing village! These cruises are fun for the whole family and offer great way to view our local wildlife up close and in their natural habitat, to see more about the cruises check out this video:


Did you know that Hubbard’s Marina now offers a Paddleboard fitness class? We are working with Sea Strength to put together these unique classes. They are Saturday and Sunday mornings for now at the Johns Pass sandbar. You can meet your trainer at the Hubbard’s Marina beach behind our shop before paddling to the sandbar for a unique fitness class with your knowledgeable instructor, plus it’s only $20 to join! Check out Sea Strength on Instagram or Facebook to learn more about these unique classes! Here’s the link to their page:


Want to learn more about dolphins? Hubbard’s Marina now has a great dolphin facts series on our YouTube channel to check out to see them all watch our dolphin playlist here:


Also, new to Hubbard’s Marina we are now renting Schiller water bikes. These are unique bicycles that are much like a racing bike’s frame set on top of pontoons that allow a very stable, safe, and fun way to enjoy the water and have some fun in the sun. Plus, it’s a great aerobic exercise as well! The new water bikes are only $20 for a half hour and $35 for a full hour rental. If you want to see Captain Mark Hubbard trying one out check out this link:




Upcoming up at Hubbard’s Marina


Want to join Hubbard’s Marina for some fishing seminar fun? Next Bass pro shops seminar is being held September 17th at 3:30pm discussing Fall fishing techniques. Plus, we will always answer questions that the fans have and tailor our seminar to what you guys want to hear. Also, we always give away a FREE 10 hour fishing trip to one lucky fan in attendance. For more information, check them out on Facebook and give them a LIKE from all of us at Hubbard’s Marina:


Hubbard’s Marina has announced its new Tampa Bay Ferry and Taxi that will service the City of Madeira beach! Check out the upcoming ferry route on our BRAND NEW site:


The NEW schedule is HERE! Check out the schedule at this link below and let’s get you all set up for some fishing fun! We have Flying HUB 2 twelve hour day trips to the 39 hour area while the 39hr fishing boat is in dry dock. Also during dry dock the HUB is running 10hr all day trips. Plus, we added the 39 and 44 hour trips in to the end of the year when the Florida returns from dry dock. These trips will fill up fast, make sure to reserve your spot asap! Keep in mind you can book online under the reservations tab instead of waiting to talk with us on the phone. Here’s the schedule link:


The Flying HUB 2 has some special 12 hour trips during the Dry dock period for the Florida. We will offer these special 12 hours Wednesday and Saturday at $250 they will run out to the 39 hour fishing areas like the middle grounds and elbow for 6-8 hours fishing time in 120-250 foot of water. This boat will get you 60-100 miles in two hours or less even with the 12 people we plan to take out with us, for more info check out the specialty trip schedule they start September 10th and end November 2nd!


The HUB our other private charter vessel will be offering 10 hour all day trips Tuesday, Thursday and Sundays while the Florida is in Dry dock as well. This means you get a shot to fish the HUB for only $90 per angler, what a deal! These HUB all days will be set up the same as the party boat all days but you will be able to get out there faster on a more quite boat plus you will only be fishing with up to 12 guys. The special HUB trips start September 6th until November 3rd.


To book trips on our site, check out this link:


Want to stay up to date with the latest catches, reports and more from Hubbard’s Marina? Follow the new live video segments that Hubbard’s Marina is posting daily to Facebook! Also, more Instagram photos and videos are popping up too! Plus, were on the FishBrain app now too and they were nice enough to add Hubbard’s Marina as a fishing location so now on your future trips you can upload your catch to our location. If you have questions or want more info about all this message Dylan Hubbard on the Hubbard’s Marina Facebook page or shoot him an email:




Regular’s club


If you are interested in learning more about our loyalty program called the regular’s club, please email Dylan Hubbard. He can tell you more about this great program to make fishing more affordable if you plan to fish more than 5, 10 or 15 times a year with us at Hubbard’s Marina. Plus, you get other great benefits to all to thank you for being a valued guest. However, at Hubbard’s Marina everyone who walks in our doors are valuable to us, but the regular’s club is a great way to become more familiar with us and be able to come even more often than before.

Dylan Hubbard

Vice president and Regular’s club manager Hubbard’s Marina
(727)393-1947 ext 306


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