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Braided Lines ?!?

People ask about using braided line for bottom fishing often and when they hear that most people don’t like or some won’t even allow you to use straight braided line for bottom fishing especially on party boats there is some confusion. Due to this, today I wanted to run through some reasons why we at […]


Fall fishing is great! However, you have be more mindful of the weather… during the summer weather is perfectly nearly all the time minus the occasional tropical system! Due to that the waters can get hot and still and fish spread out to forage and it can be slow mid-day. In the fall, the waters get stirred […]

Estimate 2018 Fishing seasons

All year long – red grouper open *spring deep water closure beyond 20 fathoms   March-April – Gray trigger fish (First time open in years)   May, August-October – Greater Amberjack (Season set in stone, nearly guaranteed)   June 1st until hopefully mid-July – American red snapper (Depending on what happens with new MSST and […]

Useful Saltwater Fishing Tips For Tampa Bay

Useful Salt-Water Fishing Tips Near Tampa Bay

Saltwater Fishing Tips For The Tampa Bay Area One of the many benefits of living in the sunshine state is the wide array of salt water fishing methods that are easily available. From beginner to expert, there are certain techniques that can boost your likelihood of catching more desirable fish. Anyone can buy a rod […]