Hubbard’s Marina Fishing Report 03/04/2016

Fishing report

Dylan Hubbard showing off a monster african pompano from a recent Flying HUB private charter at Hubbard's Marina

Inshore– Randy Moores, from Maine, was catching flounder and jack crevalle on squid under the Johns Pass Bridge early this past week. He reported his best bites were on the incoming tide but he said as long as the water was moving the action was good. Jerry Green, from Charlotte North Carolina, was catching sheepshead and whiting inside Blinds Pass just south of Johns Pass on live shrimp. He felt that blinds pass has cleaner water and less boat traffic so he felt the bites were better there and it was easier to fish that pass, however more water goes through Johns Pass so that means more bait and predators do as well. James Miller, from Largo, was catch pompano and permit from the Johns Pass jetty this past week using live shrimp around sunset on the end of the incoming tide when we had lots of clean water inside the pass. He said that a small split shot was best paired with a live shrimp on a 15lb fluorocarbon leader. Angelo Rivera, from Seminole, also reported the pompano and flounder bite has been going well inside the pass just yesterday around 4-6pm he caught a nice flounder and his limit of pompano using a quarter ounce gulp soft plastic.

Captain Joe Drew showing off two beautiful hogfish from a recent 10 hour all day at Hubbard's Marina

Near shore– The red grouper bite just does not want to turn on hot for us yet, but we are getting a few each trip. This past Sunday’s all day trip was a great success on the red grouper, mangroves, hogfish, yellowtail, lanes and more. Tuesday’s trip was a bit slower bite but was still very good and way above average. Today’s trip hasn’t returned yet but were hoping for another great pile of nice fish. The mangrove snapper and hogs are tearing up the live shrimp and on the past Sunday’s trip they were even hitting the shrimp before you landed on the bottom making for a very exciting trip and a great haul. The gag grouper are biting very well still so they make a great trophy photo for now, and we will be back for them when their season opens in July. This past week our biggest gag was nearly 35 inches on the all day trip, but offshore we caught some true monsters out in the deeper waters.

Some of nice fish from the most recent Flying HUB private charter trip at Hubbard's Marina

Offshore– The offshore fishing at Hubbard’s Marina has become even more accessible with the addition of the Flying HUB fleet. We now get out past 120 foot more and more often and it’s quite the blessing. Just yesterday we were fishing in 150-180 foot of water and the African pompano were biting very well on the springs and wrecks taking dead sardines while we targeted mangrove snapper they hang above the wreck or spring so we caught the most on knocker rigs. Gag grouper were very aggressive and hard to avoid, but we did get some great amberjack as long as we kept our live baits away from the bottom not allowing the gags a chance as easily. However, the gags are so aggressive right now they were biting just as high in the water as some of the jacks were! The red snapper were also hard to avoid we must have hauled up at least twenty or more between the six anglers on board! The great news was the mangrove snapper and yellowtail bite was great on most any of the hard bottom spots we hit. They were loving cut chunks of sardines on a double snell rig with 4-5ot hooks. We even saw some big schools of Mahi Mahi to the south while running down a weed line but they spooked easily before we could get the chum and our baits to the school. The cobia bite is still sporadic but we have been lucky to land a few this past week while fishing the deep offshore waters. Make sure to have your flat lines out while bottom fishing or else you will miss these passing fish.

Captain Jack’s dolphin corner

Captain jacks dolphin corner photo- Dolphins jumping out of the wake in front of a returning ship at egmont key

Bird watching is great this time of year on our dolphin watching nature cruise and eco tour. The main reason why is due to the local seabirds starting their mating habits. Most of the birds get a very unique looking mating plumage during this time and they will roost in the trees of dog leg Key Island where we visit on every tour.

Recently at Egmont key the large pods of dolphins have been coming by often making the ferry ride more enjoyable and allowing us to show the guests more wildlife as they enjoy their day with us on the island. Also, recently a large container ship was heading into the bay as we watched from the ferry we noticed the large bow wave had attracted a big pod of dolphin that were paying in the wake jumping super high in the air as the ship heading into port. This was a very cool and unique sight for all of us!

Dolphins have been feeding heavily lately inside Johns Pass feeding on the mullet pouring out of the pass while they try to make it offshore to a near shore wreck for their spawn. The dolphins are working in large groups inside the pass and just outside the bridge too coral these big schools of mullet and eat as many as they can before they get away to the open water of the gulf.

Our sunset cruise with free beer and wine is now a daily cruise once again as the weather gets nicer! Join us sometime soon for a fun filled trip and a beautiful view of the sunset. It’s the best bar on the water guaranteed!

The roseate spoonbills are back at dog leg key our local island rookery inside Johns Pass. These pink birds get mistaken for flamingos often but they are not actually pink they are white birds that eat a type of crustaceans that causes their feathers to get a pink hue to them.

The local great American egrets have started to sport their mating plumage again so the pelicans aren’t the only seabirds gearing up for the spring mating season. These egret’s mating plumage nearly caused their extinction in the 1920’s and 30’s when the long wispy feathers along the bird’s back became super popular in lady’s hats causing hunters to nearly drive these great American egrets to extinction. They became the first seabirds protected by the national autobahn society after this nearly complete wipe out of their population.

Unfortunately the weather has become too cold for our local manatee population. This means they have moved north to the natural springs for the winter or to the local power plant outflows where the water stays 72 degrees or higher all year around. Since manatees are marine mammals its important they stay in waters above 72 to help them regulate their body temperatures.

Upcoming up at Hubbard’s Marina


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Regular’s club

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