Are you planning a Trip for 10 people or more?

We offer discount group rate fares. Group rates are for regularly scheduled daily cruises that are open to the public, not private charters. Group rates are as follows 10% off for ten or more people and 20% off for 20 or more people, however, to get these discounts you must act as a group. This means your group booking must be put under one name and one credit card number to hold the trip for that group.  That card number is then held liable for our cancellation policy (see FAQs page). Upon arrival, the group must get together and check in together providing one lump sum payment either by cash, card or company check. You cannot split payments and receive the group discount. Also, groups of 10 or more are subject to an automatic included gratuity of 18% for the captain and crew to split. All trips are subject to availability, weather and a minimum number of fares.  Please see our helpful group hints for groups at the bottom of this page to make your group experience the most pleasurable.


Please make your group reservations by calling 727-393-1947 or 1-800-755-0677

Group rate discounts may not be combined with any other discounts.
(children, senior, free pass, coupons)

Helpful hints for groups:

The following guidelines will help your group have a better experience with us from start to finish. We appreciate your business and Welcome aboard!

  1. Assign one representative from your group to handle booking, payment and coordinating extras like live bait, rod rentals and meals. This should be the party whose name your reservation is under.
  2. If your group is going to pay cash individually, the representative in charge would need to be in charge of collecting their money from each guest ahead of check in at the reservations desk ensuring all extras are accounted for and paid. You are welcome to pay for the entire group with one credit card or company check payment as well. It’s always recommended you do this ahead of time like the night before ensuring check in is much smoother on the day of the trip. Please note we are unable to accept split payment from groups, only one lump sum is acceptable to get the discounted group rate.
  3. Ask the marina manager or dock master where the boarding line is for the trip you will be taking and have your group stay together in that line. If you want to get on board early and have a pick of where you want to sit you must arrive early for the trip and ensure you are first in line. You cannot skip the line or hop in front because you’re a large group, we must keep it fair for everyone concerned.