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Monthly Archives: July 2020

The weather has been super tough this past week for near shore fishing. We haven’t been able to get out there most of the week, but we did have a good weekend and start of the week before this tropical rain and winds put a halt to our fishing opportunities.
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This past week brought us some good red grouper action around 60-100ft of water
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Snook fishing around the area continues to be on fire. We are seeing tons of snook around the passes at night and even during the day too. The beaches are packed with snook during the day cruising the troughs looking for live shrimp or soft plastics. Also, around the flats, mangroves, and structures of the bay plenty of fish around ready to eat for sure. They are ferocious feeders at the right time of day and tide. That is the biggest trick knowing when and where those fish will be feeding. They will be set up to ambush passing baits when waters are moving at points, pockets, and passes. They feed best around the solunars and when bait is present, I like to use the ‘’ website to find out what day and time is best to target any inshore species.
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Gag grouper fishing has been good this past week. Normally when they open up in June we don’t have the best luck on getting good number of gags. However, this year has really been a surprise with nice hauls of gag grouper even in the warm summer months.
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