Captain Mark Hubbard

I was born right in the Tampa Bay beaches area in 1963, and grew up with Captain Hubbard as my father.  I played on the fishing boats and docks, and developed a natural instinct for fishing, boating and water.  My other hobbies include both surfing and playing basketball. 

Before I came to my senses, I worked in an office setting for a short period.  It did not take too long to realize the blessings I had by working on the water.  I loved doing a job for which I had a talent.  I look forward to sharing the Hubbard's Marina experience with you.


Captain Chris
Fleet Supervisor

Capt. Chris brings many years of both operational and mechanical experience to the Hubbard’s Marina  fleet of fishing vessels. If it floats, Captain Chris can pilot it, fix it, and be proud of it. His top level mechanical abilities as well as his extensive knowledge of Marine systems, keeps the Hubbard’s fleet in safe and in tip-top shape. Capt. Chris is also in charge of hiring and training all deck hands and boat crew. His professional attitude and dedication to customer service is additionally shown through our staff of the best deckhands and crews in the business.

Captain Eddy

Capt. Eddy is one of the last genuine “Old Salts” and is truly a legendary Captain. He has been on the water as a Party Boat Captain for most of his life, running a fleet of boats out of Brooklyn, NY for many years before landing in Florida where he has been with Hubbard’s since. He is affectionately known a “One Hell of a Captain” who always appreciates the gift of a good cigar from his guests.

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Capt. Chris W.

For over 20 years, Capt. Chris has fished professionally from the north Gulf of Mexico waters all the way down to the offshore  waters of Key West. His passion for the sport and dedication to his guests are just several of many factors that make Capt. Chris one of the leading Captains in the business “ Nothing is more rewarding than finding fish for my guests and watching them reeling them all  in!”

Ken Rector - Comptroller

The man behind the scenes. With my background in commercial and recreational fishing, retail sales, as well as being a charter captain myself, you may rest assured I know what it takes to make an enjoyable and memorable experience of your adventures here at Hubbard's Marina.

Though seldom seen - they keep me chained behind a computer (without any grog, I might add).  I will see that everything from food to fuel will be ready when you are.  To insure this, my job also includes neutering Captains and flogging deckhands.

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